Labour Gets Business…Just Look at Blair

Election Masala

As 100 business leaders openly declare that they back the Conservatives, let’s make one thing clear: Labour understand business, too. I mean, look at how good a businessman Tony Blair is. This might just the problem with their brand of socialism – it’s straight out of Animal Farm. Champagne socialism, two-Jags Prescott socialism. And if you think I’m unfair calling it ‘socialism’ – well, last Thursday, Ed Miliband himself called it a party of Democratic Socialism.

But back to Blair – the image is of ‘I’ll help you, just help me get in power, then I’ll help myself.’ They don’t want the rest of us to aspire, they want us to be dependent. That’s why they need to spend, so we get addicted to their promise of benefits without work, payments without effort. Who wouldn’t want to elect someone making such promises?!

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s race for cash…

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