Alpesh Patel: What Wins Elections?

Election Masala

Will you be better off, with more money in your pocket, with a Conservative Government or a Labour Government?

Alpesh Patel has the answer.

British companies are worth more now than they have ever been. The oil price is at its lowest since 2009. And house prices, an asset for many, are rising.

Of course — rising asset prices are a double edged sword. Those who aren’t asset owners miss out on the wealth it generates. But I daresay it’s better to have those prices rising and the prospect of joining the asset owning classes than asset prices falling and wealth being depleted. Wealth is created by owning assets wCapthich rise in price. First we want asset prices rising — next we must ensure you can afford to own them.

To be able to afford to own those assets, you need a higher income. How do we make that possible? By creating…

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