Hindu Born British Terrorist – Do You Know Who Your Child Is With?

‘Hindu Born British Terrorist’ – doesn’t make sense does it? Well that’s Britain’s most wanted man. It’s the man in the ISIS videos. This has been plastered all over BBC News – ‘from a Hindu family’.

Now the virus of Islamic radicals has visited us in our British Hindu homes. It has sought to convert us not just from our faith, but against British values too.

They say ‘none so devout as a convert’. If you want to find out the most likely to be ISIS recruits, then it is the converts. That is who the security services should be monitoring – yes we monitor even before a crime is committed, we cannot wait. We work on probabilities. And the odds of being a ISIS terrorist and not a Muslim are 0%. The odds of being an ISIS terrorist and a convert to Islam are greater than being an ISIS terrorist and a born Muslim.

So the problem is ours now too. It was ours when these British born nutjobs became terrorists. But now it is a Hindu problem. Well for all the complacent Hindus who never saw a problem with conversion, you sure have one hell of a problem now.

God knows we are one heartbeat away from an American President declaring that Hindus too are not wanted in America. You think I am being alarmist? You think I am panicking? Spreading fear. I say again, the most wanted man by British and American forces, the de facto head of ISIS is a Hindu born man.

This virus of radicalisation we’ve been telling the authorities for over 30 years. We told them in the 1980s they are raising funds from mosques in Britain for terrorists in Kashmir, the havala system is money laundering for terrorists, those shops are donating not to charity as they think for victims of some earthquake in Pakistan or some flood, but terrorism, those men are grooming young girls – we told them in the 1980s!

I remember at Bar school a Pakistani friend of mine told me that he was not allowed to speak English or watch Neighbours – his parents hated this culture – forget teaching them English – teach them some fricking bloody gratitude the village idiots first Mr Cameron.

I’m not asking for a witch hunt. But the Hindu community needs to be aware if it’s children are being targeted for conversion – it happens every day, and guess where is a good place – Universities and colleges.

Do you know who your child hangs out with? Yes, the ISIS leader’s Hindu sister couldn’t believe it either – just like you. Don’t be complacent. We live in dangerous times.

Alpesh Patel


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