On Democracy and Education Redistribution

More so now than ever the child in the village can get an education and become a billionaire in his or her own lifetime. What does it mean for us and the children in our society? For your children.

It used to be you would have great ideas but the technology did not exist. Now great technologies exist quicker than we can come up with great ideas to make use of it.

I want to paint you a picture of wealth redistribution through education redistribution using technology. A picture we can all take part in, from housewife/husband to investment banker. A picture which Education Secretary Michael Gove much in the news today ought to consider as part of his party’s Big Society initiative.

As a child growing up under Thatcherism, I believed in a ‘share owning democracy’. The idea that property owners have a stake in society and therefore want society to prosper. It wasn’t about greed, it was about hard work, saving and investing. Boy did we realise in the credit crunch that debt was bad!

But the problem with wealth redistribution through property ownership, as anyone renting or without a pension plan owning shares knows, it is impossible unless you have a little wealth or savings to begin with. And those are hard when living costs seem to rise, but salaries don’t. And there is always some treat, holiday being advertised to tempt us to spend.

What can be done by society and the population at large? Education redistribution through technology is a concept I have come up with and implemented – and it works. If education is the route of wealth, then surely, education redistribution is the route to wealth redistribution.

Ever since I heard about the term ‘share owning democracy’ I’ve thought long about what it really means. It means people, common, regular people, people who take the tube like me, who like me were not born with a silver spoon, having the ability to buy property.

The problem is most people lack education in skills that would help them get on in life. Whether it is business skills, investment skills, and financial skills. Again, didn’t we learn that the hard way over recent years?

The internet has changed that. I’ve devoted a lifetime of creating free resources to redistribute education to everyone. The cost personally financially is immense because as everyone knows the secret to wealth is private information. When you start sharing information, you are sharing wealth and not hoarding it.

Others have used technology to spread wealth and information too – Khan Academy for instance with its free educational videos used by Bill Gates’s children.

I went as far to cut out the rich brokers and fund managers all together by empowering the common person through free educational videos on how to invest.

Until each of us shares our skills, our knowledge, our private information, we cannot redistribute wealth. Whoever you are, you have skills, knowhow. Just look at Facebook for promoting YouTube videos you can make to teach people something to improve their lives. Instead of showing them your dinner, why not teach them how you made it so quickly. Or how you write an article? Create a blog. It’s all easy and free to do – most importantly you will be part of the Big Society and you will redistribute wealth through redistributing education. And guess what – it may just mean a smaller Government too!

By the way, if you want my education – it is on www.alpeshpatel.com

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