India – an obituary b.1947 d.2012

India died in December 2012 from severe injuries. The young nation which had been born with much fanfare and hope in 1947 had been sick for many years. Despite assistance from overseas, notably Britain and Italy, the country was unable to overcome her injuries.

The injuries first came to light several years ago, and were clearly the result of repeated gang-rape by the political classes and some of the citizenry. Despite the rapes coming to light, few attempted to come to any form of rescue, and as the Constitution of the country eventually declined, a sad long demise was inevitable.

Born in August 1947 after a very painful blood-soaked birth, the country actually had held much promise thanks to the expert skill of its mid-wife, Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Nation. The country was actually separated at birth with a complicated, rushed surgery by British surgeons, from its Siamese twin, Pakistan, by which it is survived – to the surprise of many who had actually feared the twin was the sicker of the two nations.

The attacks continued through the years. Whilst some of her sons went on to become very wealthy, more had been expected given the lineage of the country, which many continued to cling onto.

The country had also suffered many years of disease stemming from the Head of Government, but in the end, a cancer spread to all organs of the State, corrupting the blood stream too. All attempts at transfusion led to rejection of the foreign bodies. A loss of vision soon followed, ultimately followed by a loss of hearing. Eventually, just after Christmas 2012, the country suffered ultimately from a failure of the heart.

The original British surgeon at the birth had been much blamed for the country’s maladies, but it transpired as the years passed that in fact the country had after its continual rape in fact succumbed to insanity. The cancer was possibly a hereditary condition, but that is disputed by some experts.

Sadly before passing away, the country ultimately despite some extremely wealthy sons, was unable to feed half her under five year old children and look after her daughters in particular. A post-mortem revealed a mixture of long-standing deep rooted cultural issues, from a misunderstanding of the treatment of women from as far back as the teachings of the Ramayana, to more immediate lack of enforcement of laws. This it is believed had led to the medical condition of schizophrenia where daughters and goddesses were admired and held in high regard in abstract, but not in practice.

India is survived by one billion orphans. It is anticipated many will be adopted by foreign nations. Whilst a few have been born with vision, they sadly have been the mute ones – lacking vocal chords or suffering from muscular dystrophy. The ones with fully developed vocal chords, have by curious fate been deprived of vision.

Although on a happier note, some do cling on to hope of reincarnation.

Alpesh B Patel

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