The First Patel of India

When the Congress Party voted Sardar Patel as its leader, many say it was a mistake for Nehru to have become India’s first Prime Minister. A mistake they say compounded by the legacy of Nehru’s children and grandchildren becoming Prime Ministers.

Of Sardar Patel, who became India’s first Deputy Prime Minister, it was written in the book, ‘Sardar Patel, The Iron Man of India’: ‘Halfway between Ahmedabad and Baroda is the town of Nadiad. Here was born Patel (P) on a day that people believe was October 31, 1875. He belonged to a family of land owners, Patidars, modern day Patels. Their ancestors – possibly linked to the Huns who swept down from the northwest from the 6th century or to the Gurjars of Punjab or both. Some of their characteristics were loyalty to Hinduism, rallying against outsiders, male supremacy, and silence before elders. Bluntness in speech, an unconcern about dress and appearance, a sense of superiority towards non-Patidars and self-image of tough men meant they were naturally born to rule over others.’

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  1. “Patel” belong to “Kshatriya” varna, born to rule; while Nehru was a Kashmiri Brahmin, (according to Varna brahmins cant rule) If we were to compare them; Sardar was very practical man, hands on political leader, while Nehru was more of a thinker. One thing India has suffered most is the Kashmir issue, Sardar always wanted a military intervention asap, and referendum given to people to join either India or Pakistan, the advantage of early referendum was that there were more Hindus to go with Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu & Kashmir to join India than the muslims to go with Sheikh Abdullah to join Pakistan at that time but Nehru on the other hand wanted to go to UN with the issue and Sardar knew that UN will never be able to solve it, as we see until today. If the same approach was taken with Kashmir as with Junagadh and Hydrabad….very likely that the lives of thousands of people would have been different and paradise on earth would have been saved from constant military action…finally as the saying goes in Gujarat ” Brahman ni aankh ma, vaniya na pett ma ane patel ni jeebh par jaher hoy che…”

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