Political Animal

26 June 1944. A fanatical assault by the Japanese on Imphal, India. If they break through here, they break into India. Corporal Agansing Rai and his battalion are ordered to capture two vital enemy machine gun nests 200 yards apart and mutually self-supporting, with a further gun hidden in the jungle.

Pinned down without cover his company suffered many casualties. But Corporal Rai knew any pause would only help the enemy. So he led his company on a charge, directly at one of the machine gun nests in full view of the enemy. He captured the nest, killed the enemy. But a heavy artillery gun fired at them from the jungle. He took some of his men and charged at this. Despite losing half his men, he personally killed three of the five machine gun crew.

Rai then returned to his original position and took over the rest of his…

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