Ed hates me (and just about every other business owner, too)

Election Masala

Dear Tony – before you start banging on about Europe and about what’s good for business – maybe you should consider having a word with Ed, first?

In the TV debates, Ed Miliband blamed hedge fund managers for pretty much everything (and Nigel Farage blamed immigrants for… well, yes, everything). It’s in Labour’s blood to dislike us hedge fund managers, private equity manager and, indeed, all business owners who aspire to get on in life without Government hand-outs.

I used to clean toilets, 10 years before I started a hedge fund. Yes, our office is in Mayfair. As a child in Armley, at a state school, I saw ‘Mayfair’ on the Monopoly board and I aspired.

What’s wrong with aspiring, Ed? I achieved, too. But like most ‘successful’ people, I remember poverty and know I am lucky and I, like every hedge fund manager and private equity…

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